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Devotional Articles

"Simple yet profoundly prophetic book: Audacious Living. In this book,Victor comes out as a keen Bible student,preacher,teacher,great story teller with prophetic cutting edge ministry. He unlocks meanings in scripture,exhorts,admonishes and makes powerful prophetic declarations. The chapters are rich in life lessons,clear illustrations and life changing admonitions. The book is flowing easy to read, with chapters so well woven together making one book. It will challenge you to know yourself and excel both here and in eternity. I recommend this book to every believer and non christian alike. Pastors this book is a great discipleship tool as it can be used as Bible study material for small groups and whole churches."                             

Rev. Elisha Odero, Senior Pastor Eagles Christian Centre, Kenya

"Audacious Living is full of dynamite - Packed into a few pages is God's encouragement to know who you are in Christ, the power of His word in your life and how to take hold of it to push through life's many challenges and possible setbacks. Victor shows how to move from simply surviving in life to really living in the full freedom of what
God has for you. As you read and apply the power of God's word in your life, you will not only know a new freedom and be blessed yourself, you will also be able to help others into all that God has for them as well."

Clive Urquhart, Senior Pastor Kingdom Faith Church – Horsham, UK


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