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Activate your Stealth Mode.

Sometimes we hardly get anything done because there is too much commotion around us. Often times SO MANY people around us that are NOT concerned about our situations. Allow me to explain using 3 examples found in the Bible.

When Jesus arrived at Jairus' house He was met by a great commotion. He was a man on mission and He knew what to do: He had the crowd kicked out. Matthew 9:25 says, "WHEN THE CROWD WAS PUT OUTSIDE, JESUS WENT IN..." These were guys who had treated Jesus with scorn and contempt. Their attitude as well as their sorrow would disturb the reverential feelings essential to the performance of such a miracle. He had to cast them out.

When the Hebrews went out of Egypt, the Bible records that a Mixed Multitude accompanied them. The mixed multitude were not partakers of the Abrahamic covenant. They were stiff necked and rebellious to God. Though they saw and experienced the signs and wonders of God, these did not change them. They constantly doubted God and rebelled against Moses. They were the first to complain and grumble. They had a mind-set that was always looking to go back to Egypt at the slightest opportunity (Exodus 12:37-38; Numbers 11:4-6). Because of their influence, the entire Hebrew nation that went out of Egypt didn't enter Canaan (save Caleb and Joshua). They all perished in the wilderness.

There are times where when you really need a breakthrough or some type of deliverance that you are going to have to SHUT THE DOOR on some folks and Turn OFF the noise and get alone with you and God and your family and watch HIM manifest the things you need. The Bible tells of a widow who was in serious debt and the creditors were about to take her sons. Elisha the prophet instructed her, inter alia, "And when you have come in, you shall shut the door behind you and your sons; then pour it into all those vessels, and set aside the full ones.” (2 Kings 4:4). SHUT THE DOOR! They don't need to be around when God delivers you. Whether it be some members of your family, so called friends or church folks, often times the enemy will use them to create doubt and despair in your mind.

In the corporate world, the importance of operating in Stealth Mode cannot be overstated. Stealth mode is a strategy in which something is intentionally hidden until a predefined date. Many of us have suffered a great deal of pain because we've allowed too many people inside. Folks who don't understand your assignment, who haven't caught your vision and who don't believe in your ability to fulfil your purpose. These will sabotage you and frustrate you against your purpose.

This year, (and in years to come), reduce the commotion around you. Keep your dreams and mission under wraps. Learn to be low key and off radar. Become unnoticed until your success and results blow up in their faces. Operate in silence. Get rid of commotion. When the time comes, "your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly." (Matthew 6:4). Activate your stealth mode.

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