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God is not a magician.

I was watching an online "Crossover" service on the eve of the New Year (2021) live on facebook and the preacher was driving the congregation to a frenzy with... "Tomorrow some of you will wake up to $5000 in your bank account yadda yadda yadda". The congregation was ecstatic with deafening shouts of "Yes papa!". I just shook my head and scrolled on. "Who bewitched us?" Allow me to challenge this theology. [Those who have read my fourth book (Hyper Pentecostalism in Kenya: Critical Issues in Principles and Practice) know that I am a critical insider and it behoves my indulgence to critique such matters as one of my little ways of contributing to the body of Christ, albeit usually beset my misconceptions and misunderstandings].

Faith for the miraculous and God's benevolence in lavishing us grace and favour is not meant to make us lazy, erode our ability to reason or incapacitate our ability to work towards prosperity. We do not give to bribe God. We give as an act of loving worship to Him; but I am not here to teach about giving today. When we abdicate our God given responsibility of discerning spirits and that of using the brain he gave us (to think), we run the risk of imagining God is a magician with a magic wand on His hand. But that is not so. The difference between magic and miracles is that magic involves manipulation of the truth but miracles reveal the truth. Magic makes people impressed with the magician's ability to fool their eyes. God has established kingdom principles in His Word and His Word is living and active - able to perform and work- wherever it is applied.

Many (of us) pentecostals will gather in thousands of physical locations and online platforms and shout "I receive!" to various "In 2021 you shall prosper!" declarations. let me help you sir/madam... God is a MIRACLE worker not a MAGICIAN. God is not rewarder of mediocrity. Read the book of proverbs and you will see how God frowns upon foolishness. Paying your tithe and planting your ''seed' is not the only way to prosper. God also honours and rewards diligence, faithfulness and hard work. You cannot make foolish financial decisions and expect to prosper. You cannot be reckless with your expenses or wasteful with your resources and expect to prosper. No, God does not only bless the first 30 people that rush to the altars to drop $100 as seed. Listen, sometimes, you do not need to give to that man or woman because you will just be financing their lavish lifestyle while you are sinking lower in debt.... invest the money in a viable venture, pay for a course and learn a trade or acquire a skill that you can employ in gainful occupation. Do not give in to manipulation and control.

What we need to do is ask Him for divine strategies; divine positioning in the marketplace and for divine favour and connections. The Bible says that David was "A skilful musician, a mighty man of valour, a warrior, one prudent in speech, and a handsome man; and the LORD is with him." (1 Samuel 16:18). Saul hired David on the basis of a word of mouth recommendation which he got from one of his employees. Saul had a big problem and he urgently needed someone with the right skill to solve it. David was hired because his skill solved Saul’s problem. The word of mouth recommendation gained David an audience with the King but his skill as a harp player helped him get the job.

No matter how loud you shout and ululate, if you are LAZY you will not see PROSPERITY in your camp. Even if you pray yourself red-hot, if you are LAZY you will not see RESULTS! No matter how anointed your 'man/woman of God' is... The Bible tells us of a PROPHET who died in DEBT and left his family at the mercies of auctioneers... You can attend all the Keshas available in 2021 and pray for transfer of the "wealth of the wicked"; if you are lazy, there shall be NO TRANSFER. Don't deceive yourself. Do not be Lazy. WORK! God blesses the WORK of your hands. Shalom!

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